Guiding Catheter AMBER™


  • Amber™ offers high performance in delivering various devices through it by virtue of its inner PTFE lining which is highly lubricious
  • Multi-segment design of device which makes it maximum kink resistant, offers high level flexibility for gentle cannulation and great torquability from hub to distal end of Catheter
  • 3 layered construction
  • Flat Stainless-Steel braiding
  • Relatively larger inner lumen for better space for device delivery
  • Outstanding kissing Balloons Capabilities
  • Optimal balance and superior vessel alignment
  • Excellent backup support
  • Smooth surface finish to prevent vascular spasm
  • Atraumatic soft tip to minimize vessel damage
  • Excellent radio-opacity
  • Length: 100 cm / 110 cm; with or without side holes