OEM Services

Relisys Medical Devices Limited is also a well-established and leading OEM service provider for Cardiovascular Medical Devices. We offer our services to various well-known players in the industry. However, we are not limited to Coronary Vascular Therapy alone but can cater to the requirements of different therapies and for varied projects.

We are end-to-end service provider for various following processes that you may seek to outsource:

  • Stent Designing (2D and 3D Models)
  • Stent Laser cutting- for any specific stent designs (Both SS & Co-Cr)
  • Post stent cut processing
  • Drug coating
  • Stent crimping
  • PTCA Catheter Proximal shafts
  • Balloon Forming
  • PTCA Manufacturing
  • Balloons Hypo-Tubes
  • Extrusion- For different polymers (mono lumen, multi lumen)
  • Laser and Radio Frequency welding
  • Braiding
  • Diagnostic Catheters Assembly
  • Guide Catheter Assembly
  • Sterilization (ETO)
  • R&D in metallurgy, Polymers and Pharma
  • CRAM – Contract Research And Manufacturing

Being a large scale manufacturer, we can also offer the products in your own labels (OBL).

Reach out to us at - info@relisysmedicaldevices.org