Research and Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) team is dedicated to constant innovation, along with the introduction and improvement of new products and their procedures. The R&D Team at Relisys has been working at this goal from the last 10 years. With a stream of products starting from the Bare Metal Stent to various Drug Eluting Stents, the R&D Department has been actively pursuing to develop and introduce new products relevant to our current Cardiovascular field.

Currently we are working on Peripheral Stents, Guide Extension and Wedge Pressure Catheter into our ever-expanding portfolio of products. The R&D Department is involved in not just introducing new products but also to constantly improve our existing products, this is done by maintaining a good Post Market Clinical Surveillance to have real-time information about how our products are performing in the market.

Any complaint is also meticulously analyzed and its root cause determined. Using this data as our base, we work to improve and perfect our devices so that they deliver their optimal performance in the doctor’s hands. For developing or improving any medical device, one of the most important tools to have in hand is to test our devices before they reach the doctor. We at R&D team have developed and implemented certain simulator devices to accurately test our current products and their Improvements at a pre-clinical level to fine tune and perfect them before they reach the end-user. These simulators have been developed and fabricated in-house rather than imported from outside to maintain cost effectiveness in our product development cycle.

With these goals in mind, the R&D team at Relisys seeks to develop new products and improve our existing ones to keep Relisys Medical Devices at the forefront of the market in delivering innovative, effective and cost-effective Medical Devices.