TricValve Symposium at FMRI

Date: 25th August 2021
Hospital: FMRI, Gurugram

Symposium on "Newer Solutions in the Management of Tricuspid Regurgitation"

Scientific discussion on the topic with Padmashri Dr. T S Kler on Aug. 25, 2021, at FMRI, Fortis Gurugram was attended by the entire interventional cardiology team along with Dr. Rohit Goel, Dr. Avinash Verma, Dr. Mukul Bhargava, Dr. Bela Sharam & Dr. Nikhil Kumar - Director at FMRI. Various aspects of tricuspid valve disease, treatment modalities along innovative solutions have been the mainstay of discussion. The tricuspid Valve should no longer be a neglected valve and it is essential to treat the diseased valve at the earliest to ensure that the right heart function doesn't deteriorate. TricValve Bicaval Valves System seems to be the best option for treating patients with hemodynamically relevant tricuspid insufficiency who are not suitable for open-heart surgery.

This scientific meeting was conducted amidst covid protocols.

Attached are the glimpses of the event.

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