TricValve Symposium at Dhoot Hospital

Date: 18th August 2021
Hospital: Dhoot Hospital, Aurangabad

Symposium on "Tricuspid Regurgitation: The Problem & available solutions"

Scientific discussion on this topic at Dhoot Hospital, Aurangabad under the auspices of Dr. Vilas Magarkar, Chief Cardiologist on Aug. 18, 2021, was attended by the cardiology & cardiothoracic surgery team. Everyone participated in the meeting with the highest levels of enthusiasm & fervor. Bicaval Valves System - the novel therapy that is, has been discussed thoroughly as a part of the solution. Bicaval Valves System is a system of two self-expanding biological valves for the treatment of patients with hemodynamically relevant tricuspid insufficiency & caval reflux. The system comprises of two valves, SVC Valve & the IVC Valve that are implanted percutaneously without disturbing the native Tricuspid Valve. It is especially intended for use in patients who are at extreme risk or who are inoperable for open surgical therapy. The interim results of the Tricus study prove the benefits of this therapy even in patients with high-risk profiles. There has been favorable hemodynamic improvement post-deployment thereby providing ventricular remodeling and alleviating the symptoms of TR.

The program was conducted amidst COVID protocols.

Attached are the glimpses of the event.

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