Relisys Medical Devices Ltd.

Relisys Medical Devices Limited is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of cardiovascular medical devices including Coronary Stent Systems – both Bare Metal Stent Systems & Drug Eluting Stent Systems, PTCA Balloon Catheters, Angiographic Diagnostic Catheters, Guiding Catheters and Transcatheter Heart Valves. We are constantly innovating and upgrading our portfolio to offer solutions for affordable medical devices to treat life-threatening heart diseases. To enable this, we are committed to R&D, innovation in manufacturing medical technology, scientific communication and improving patient health and saving lives.

Relisys has been founded by leading technocrats and clinicians. The purpose of Relisys is to provide life saving devices which deliver performance and safety with affordability. Our fundamental aim is to champion the alleviation of human suffering and improve quality of life. With the primary focus on clinical outcome of devices, Relisys products are reliable and very well accepted across the domestic and international markets.

Relisys is the only facility in India with integrated development & manufacturing capability of Stents, Stent Delivery Systems, PTCA Balloon catheters, Guiding Catheters and Angiographic Diagnostic Catheters (Femoral & Radial) at the Hyderabad factory.

With acquisition of Multimedics, Relisys has expanded its business portfolio with CE marked Stent Systems and is increasing its footprints globally with an entire range of Cardiovascular devices besides Coronary Stents.


The company’s incubation was conceptualized with a noble idea that emerged from the founder to make affordable and reliable Cardiovascular Medical Devices available in India. Efforts began in a small-scale laboratory for polymer research by a few clinicians & technocrats. Erstwhile Hon’ble President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a mentor to these projects for developing these devices indigenously in India.

Inspired by the vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to make medical care affordable, the company became an independent entity under the name Relisys Medical Devices Limited in 2003. The philosophy behind the project was to design, develop, manufacture and market high quality Medical Devices in Cardiovascular range at the most affordable prices thus helping needy patients in India and across the globe. Backed by Technocrats and Medical Specialists, the name RELISYS emerged from RELIABLE SYSTEMS, which ensures performance, efficacy and safety to the patients. The strategic path adopted by the company was to use innovation and cutting-edge technology besides scale of production to achieve product and pricing advantage over competition.



To be the leader in development, manufacturing and commercialization of affordable Medical Devices for India, emerging markets and developing countries.

Quality Commitment

  • Develop & produce medical devices conforming to International standards that ensure highest safety and claimed efficacy
  • Ensure delivering of quality products that meet all the requirements of customer and regulatory norms
  • Continue to conduct professional training at all levels to increase the knowledge and competency of employees
  • Provide all the resources needed to implement an effective quality management system
  • Improvement at all stages of operations and strive to be the industry leader
  • Be rated as the benchmark in all areas of operation

Relisys has adopted International Standard, EN ISO 13485:2016.


  • Demonstrate its ability to consistently provide and ensure the supply of products manufactured & services provided by Relisys are consistently conforming to customers, applicable standards and prevailing regulatory requirements
  • Meet customer & regulatory requirements through the effective application of the system, including the processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Tighten the Scope of Relisys, for each of the process stages such as Design, Manufacture, Assembling, Sterilization, Storage & Dispatch which includes life cycle of a device

Research and Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) team is dedicated to constant innovation, along with the introduction and improvement of new products and their procedures. With a stream of products starting from the Bare Metal Stents to various Drug Eluting Stents, our R&D team has been actively pursuing to introduce new products relevant to the current treatment goals and beyond.

The R&D department is involved in not simply introducing new products however also to continuously improve our existing products by retaining a good Post Market Clinical Surveillance to have real-time data about how our products are performing inside the market.

Each single complaint, however minor is meticulously analyzed and its root cause analysis is determined. From the inferences drawn, we work to improve and perfect our devices so that they deliver their optimal performance in the hands of the operator.

For developing or improving any medical device, one of the most important tools to have in hand is to test our devices before they reach the doctor. Our R&D team have developed simulators to accurately test our current products and their Improvements at a pre-clinical level to fine tune and perfect them before they reach the end-user.

With these goals in mind, the R&D team at Relisys seeks to develop new products and improve the existing ones to keep Relisys Medical Devices at the forefront of the market in delivering innovative, efficacious and cost-effective Medical Devices.

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