(Guide Extension Catheter)

Highly flexible, braided wire-reinforced Guide Extension Catheter designed for extending the reach to the distal targets.


  • Ensures easy maneuverability
  • Provides excellent back-up support
  • Highly kink-resistant
  • Radiopaque Helical Collar designed for enhanced visibility & strength
  • Entry port designed to ensure proper alignment of hardware
  • Entry port designed to prevent detachment
  • Available in all French sizes

Technical Specifications

Catheter Length1500 mm
Rapid Exchange Length / Distal Extension Length250 mm / 400 mm
Marker band length and location1 mm long, 3 mm from distal tip
CoatingHydrophilic, Outer layer of distal segment 210/250 mm & 350/400 mm
Push-wire / Push-rod length1250 / 1100 mm
Tapered pushwire portion10 mm
Tip2 mm
Shelf life3 years


SizeReference Codes
5 FrAGE-2500-5Fr
6 FrAGE-2500-6Fr
6 Fr LongerAGE-4000-6Fr
7 FrAGE-2500-7Fr
8 FrAGE-2500-8Fr