Pearl NC
(Non Compliant Balloon Catheters)


  • Tailor-made polymer with sleek finish to refrain collision with stent struts
  • Direct torque transmission design allows superior steerability and control
  • Pushability, trackability and excellent progressive flexibility of the distal area
  • Ultra-smooth transition area and lubricious hydrophilic coating for friction free performance
  • Ergonomic, transparent hub facilitates safe connection
  • Proximal marker bands at 90 and 100 cm
  • A parallel guide wire exit port guarantees best pushability and a better dye flow injection
  • Lower profile, new jacketed hypo tube design and an exclusive blend of distal shaft materials for more responsive push and track
  • Integrated markers and small shaft diameter facilitates contrast media injection in small size guiding catheters
  • Rapid inflation/deflation and excellent rewrap characteristics.
    Reduced balloon profile
  • Strong, durable and flexible proprietary balloon material provides high – pressure capability and a low growth profile
  • Focused inflation force
  • Controlled pushing of stent towards the vessel wall
  • The extremely flexible tip helps the balloon catheter to reach tortuous anatomies
  • Durable non compliant balloon designed to tackle multiple dilatation needs

Technical Specifications

DesignRapid Exchange
Balloon complianceNon- compliant
Distal Shaft (outer diameter)0.90 mm
Proximal Shaft (outer diameter)0.72 mm
Usable catheter length1414 mm
Crossing profile0.8 -1.4 mm
Minimum guide catheter compatible0.058″ / 5 Fr
Guide wire compatible0.014′
Nominal inflation pressure10ATM
Rated Burst Pressure18 ATM
Marker bandsTwo platinum iridium markers
Tip profile0.018″

Inflation Pressure
Balloon Diameter by Size (mm)

Product Ordering Information

Diameter (mm)
/Length (mm)
1.50 mm1.75 mm2.00 mm2.25 mm2.50 mm2.75 mm3.00 mm3.25 mm3.50 mm3.75 mm4.00 mm4.25 mm4.50 mm4.75 mm5.00 mm
8PNC 1500-08PNC 1750-08PNC 2000-08PNC 2250-08PNC 2500-08PNC 2750-08PNC 3000-08PNC 3250-08PNC 3500-08PNC 3750-08PNC 4000-08PNC 4250-08PNC 4500-08PNC 4750-08PNC 5000-08
9PNC 1500-09PNC 1750-09PNC 2000-09PNC 2250-09PNC 2500-09PNC 2750-09PNC 3000-09PNC 3250-09PNC 3500-09PNC 3750-09PNC 4000-09PNC 4250-09PNC 4500-09PNC 4750-09PNC 5000-09
10PNC 1500-10PNC 1750-10PNC 2000-10PNC 2250-10PNC 2500-10PNC 2750-10PNC 3000-10PNC 3250-10PNC 3500-10PNC 3750-10PNC 4000-10PNC 4250-10PNC 4500-10PNC 4750-10PNC 5000-10
11PNC 1500-11PNC 1750-11PNC 2000-11PNC 2250-11PNC 2500-11PNC 2750-11PNC 3000-11PNC 3250-11PNC 3500-11PNC 3750-11PNC 4000-11PNC 4250-11PNC 4500-11PNC 4750-11PNC 5000-11
12PNC 1500-12PNC 1750-12PNC 2000-12PNC 2250-12PNC 2500-12PNC 2750-12PNC 3000-12PNC 3250-12PNC 3500-12PNC 3750-12PNC 4000-12PNC 4250-12PNC 4500-12PNC 4750-12PNC 5000-12
13PNC 1500-13PNC 1750-13PNC 2000-13PNC 2250-13PNC 2500-13PNC 2750-13PNC 3000-13PNC 3250-13PNC 3500-13PNC 3750-13PNC 4000-13PNC 4250-13PNC 4500-13PNC 4750-13PNC 5000-13
14PNC 1500-14PNC 1750-14PNC 2000-14PNC 2250-14PNC 2500-14PNC 2750-14PNC 3000-14PNC 3250-14PNC 3500-14PNC 3750-14PNC 4000-14PNC 4250-14PNC 4500-14PNC 4750-14PNC 5000-14
15PNC 1500-15PNC 1750-15PNC 2000-15PNC 2250-15PNC 2500-15PNC 2750-15PNC 3000-15PNC 3250-15PNC 3500-15PNC 3750-15PNC 4000-15PNC 4250-15PNC 4500-15PNC 4750-15PNC 5000-15
16PNC 1500-16PNC 1750-16PNC 2000-16PNC 2250-16PNC 2500-16PNC 2750-16PNC 3000-16PNC 3250-16PNC 3500-16PNC 3750-16PNC 4000-16PNC 4250-16PNC 4500-16PNC 4750-16PNC 5000-16
17PNC 1500-17PNC 1750-17PNC 2000-17PNC 2250-17PNC 2500-17PNC 2750-17PNC 3000-17PNC 3250-17PNC 3500-17PNC 3750-17PNC 4000-17PNC 4250-17PNC 4500-17PNC 4750-17PNC 5000-17
18PNC 1500-18PNC 1750-18PNC 2000-18PNC 2250-18PNC 2500-18PNC 2750-18PNC 3000-18PNC 3250-18PNC 3500-18PNC 3750-18PNC 4000-18PNC 4250-18PNC 4500-18PNC 4750-18PNC 5000-18
19PNC 1500-19PNC 1750-19PNC 2000-19PNC 2250-19PNC 2500-19PNC 2750-19PNC 3000-19PNC 3250-19PNC 3500-19PNC 3750-19PNC 4000-19PNC 4250-19PNC 4500-19PNC 4750-19PNC 5000-19
20PNC 1500-20PNC 1750-20PNC 2000-20PNC 2250-20PNC 2500-20PNC 2750-20PNC 3000-20PNC 3250-20PNC 3500-20PNC 3750-20PNC 4000-20PNC 4250-20PNC 4500-20PNC 4750-20PNC 5000-20
21PNC 1500-21PNC 1750-21PNC 2000-21PNC 2250-21PNC 2500-21PNC 2750-21PNC 3000-21PNC 3250-21PNC 3500-21PNC 3750-21PNC 4000-21PNC 4250-21PNC 4500-21PNC 4750-21PNC 5000-21
22PNC 1500-22PNC 1750-22PNC 2000-22PNC 2250-22PNC 2500-22PNC 2750-22PNC 3000-22PNC 3250-22PNC 3500-22PNC 3750-22PNC 4000-22PNC 4250-22PNC 4500-22PNC 4750-22PNC 5000-22
23PNC 1500-23PNC 1750-23PNC 2000-23PNC 2250-23PNC 2500-23PNC 2750-23PNC 3000-23PNC 3250-23PNC 3500-23PNC 3750-23PNC 4000-23PNC 4250-23PNC 4500-23PNC 4750-23PNC 5000-23
24PNC 1500-24PNC 1750-24PNC 2000-24PNC 2250-24PNC 2500-24PNC 2750-24PNC 3000-24PNC 3250-24PNC 3500-24PNC 3750-24PNC 4000-24PNC 4250-24PNC 4500-24PNC 4750-24PNC 5000-24
25PNC 1500-25PNC 1750-25PNC 2000-25PNC 2250-25PNC 2500-25PNC 2750-25PNC 3000-25PNC 3250-25PNC 3500-25PNC 3750-25PNC 4000-25PNC 4250-25PNC 4500-25PNC 4750-25PNC 5000-25
26PNC 1500-26PNC 1750-26PNC 2000-26PNC 2250-26PNC 2500-26PNC 2750-26PNC 3000-26PNC 3250-26PNC 3500-26PNC 3750-26PNC 4000-26PNC 4250-26PNC 4500-26PNC 4750-26PNC 5000-26
27PNC 1500-27PNC 1750-27PNC 2000-27PNC 2250-27PNC 2500-27PNC 2750-27PNC 3000-27PNC 3250-27PNC 3500-27PNC 3750-27PNC 4000-27PNC 4250-27PNC 4500-27PNC 4750-27PNC 5000-27
28PNC 1500-28PNC 1750-28PNC 2000-28PNC 2250-28PNC 2500-28PNC 2750-28PNC 3000-28PNC 3250-28PNC 3500-28PNC 3750-28PNC 4000-28PNC 4250-28PNC 4500-28PNC 4750-28PNC 5000-28
29PNC 1500-29PNC 1750-29PNC 2000-29PNC 2250-29PNC 2500-29PNC 2750-29PNC 3000-29PNC 3250-29PNC 3500-29PNC 3750-29PNC 4000-29PNC 4250-29PNC 4500-29PNC 4750-29PNC 5000-29
30PNC 1500-30PNC 1750-30PNC 2000-30PNC 2250-30PNC 2500-30PNC 2750-30PNC 3000-30PNC 3250-30PNC 3500-30PNC 3750-30PNC 4000-30PNC 4250-30PNC 4500-30PNC 4750-30PNC 5000-30
31PNC 1500-31PNC 1750-31PNC 2000-31PNC 2250-31PNC 2500-31PNC 2750-31PNC 3000-31PNC 3250-31PNC 3500-31PNC 3750-31PNC 4000-31PNC 4250-31PNC 4500-31PNC 4750-31PNC 5000-31
32PNC 1500-32PNC 1750-32PNC 2000-32PNC 2250-32PNC 2500-32PNC 2750-32PNC 3000-32PNC 3250-32PNC 3500-32PNC 3750-32PNC 4000-32PNC 4250-32PNC 4500-32PNC 4750-32PNC 5000-32
33PNC 1500-33PNC 1750-33PNC 2000-33PNC 2250-33PNC 2500-33PNC 2750-33PNC 3000-33PNC 3250-33PNC 3500-33PNC 3750-33PNC 4000-33PNC 4250-33PNC 4500-33PNC 4750-33PNC 5000-33
34PNC 1500-34PNC 1750-34PNC 2000-34PNC 2250-34PNC 2500-34PNC 2750-34PNC 3000-34PNC 3250-34PNC 3500-34PNC 3750-34PNC 4000-34PNC 4250-34PNC 4500-34PNC 4750-34PNC 5000-34
35PNC 1500-35PNC 1750-35PNC 2000-35PNC 2250-35PNC 2500-35PNC 2750-35PNC 3000-35PNC 3250-35PNC 3500-35PNC 3750-35PNC 4000-35PNC 4250-35PNC 4500-35PNC 4750-35PNC 5000-35
36PNC 1500-36PNC 1750-36PNC 2000-36PNC 2250-36PNC 2500-36PNC 2750-36PNC 3000-36PNC 3250-36PNC 3500-36PNC 3750-36PNC 4000-36PNC 4250-36PNC 4500-36PNC 4750-36PNC 5000-36
37PNC 1500-37PNC 1750-37PNC 2000-37PNC 2250-37PNC 2500-37PNC 2750-37PNC 3000-37PNC 3250-37PNC 3500-37PNC 3750-37PNC 4000-37PNC 4250-37PNC 4500-37PNC 4750-37PNC 5000-37
38PNC 1500-38PNC 1750-38PNC 2000-38PNC 2250-38PNC 2500-38PNC 2750-38PNC 3000-38PNC 3250-38PNC 3500-38PNC 3750-38PNC 4000-38PNC 4250-38PNC 4500-38PNC 4750-38PNC 5000-38
39PNC 1500-39PNC 1750-39PNC 2000-39PNC 2250-39PNC 2500-39PNC 2750-39PNC 3000-39PNC 3250-39PNC 3500-39PNC 3750-39PNC 4000-39PNC 4250-39PNC 4500-39PNC 4750-39PNC 5000-39
40PNC 1500-40PNC 1750-40PNC 2000-40PNC 2250-40PNC 2500-40PNC 2750-40PNC 3000-40PNC 3250-40PNC 3500-40PNC 3750-40PNC 4000-40PNC 4250-40PNC 4500-40PNC 4750-40PNC 5000-40