Nurturing Hearts for a Healthier World – A pledge on World Heart Day 2023

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Since its inception in the year 2000, World Heart Day has been instrumental in disseminating awareness, knowledge and actionable strategies in the realm of cardiovascular health. Spearheaded by the World Heart Federation, this annual event provides a potent platform to underscore the paramount importance of heart health and the imperative of preventing heart disease. 

With cardiovascular diseases standing as the world’s leading cause of mortality, the relevance and urgency of World Heart Day have never been more pronounced.

“USE HEART: KNOW HEART” – the theme for 2023

This theme compels us to prioritize heart health through self-awareness and knowledge. It calls for a paradigm shift from reactive healthcare to proactive well-being, placing individuals firmly in control of their health destinies, just as we believe at RELISYS. Our ethos aligns with the profound significance of understanding our hearts’ needs, recognizing potential risks and interpreting the signals our hearts send us. Armed with knowledge, we can make informed decisions that profoundly impact the quality and longevity of our lives.

Innovative treatment solutions

The observance of World Heart Day is a testament to global unity in acknowledging the indispensable need for comprehensive heart care. Let us pledge on this September 29th, to embark on a journey toward a future where cardiovascular diseases are not just treatable but preventable.

At RELISYS, our unwavering commitment is to promote heart health and empower individuals to take charge of their well-being and prioritize their heart health through simple yet impactful lifestyle choices. From groundbreaking Drug Eluting Stents to cutting-edge Structural Heart Devices, we have pioneered a diverse range of innovative treatment solutions for various heart conditions. These medical advancements revolutionize the management of cardiovascular diseases, offering minimally invasive alternatives, reducing recovery times and elevating overall patient comfort.

A pledge to promote healthy lifestyles

Preventing heart disease is a multifaceted endeavor that transcends medical interventions. It commences with the everyday choices we make, from embracing a balanced diet and engaging in regular physical activity to adeptly managing stress. These incremental changes coalesce to enhance heart health in profound ways. Information is always a critical cornerstone for any awareness campaign and more so when it concerns knowledge of risk factors, early indicators and preventive measures for heart health.

At RELISYS we are committed to promoting heart health and empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being

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